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Wave rider - LEMON BARS
Sativa Dominant
3.5 grams
Lemon Bars has a unique citrus and earthy aroma. Its lineage is Lemon G and Do Si Dos. The lively and calming effect of this sativa-leaning strain makes Lemon Bar a good choice for an indulgent occasion, yet it gives the option for some intensive work too.
Wave Rider Nursery is a greenhouse cultivation facility based in Monterey County, California. With lifetimes worth of experience in cannabis the Wave Rider crew has focused its energy on creating the optimal greenhouse environment capable of cultivating exquisite flower year around. In addition to high end environmental control WRN has dedicated huge amounts of time, resources, and energy to pheno hunts in collaboration with some of the greatest breeders of our time.
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This product is no longer available.

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