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Pure beauty - INDICA BABIES 10-PACK
3.5 grams
THC: 26.02%
Fun-sized and ready to go, Pure Beauty's Indica Babies are perfectly portable prerolls filled with relaxing, high quality Indica flower. With a citrusy aroma and sweet taste, these Babies make for a deeply relaxing, smiley high. Pass them out at the party or keep them all to yourself. Each box of babies contains an eighth of whole flower rolled into 10 mini joints. Contains 10 prerolls and 3.5g total - packaged in a PLA bag made from plant starch. Pure Beauty is a boutique cannabis brand focused on quality flower and products, community, sustainability, social justice and culture. All of the water used in our cultivation is collected from the air, we pull no water from California tap. Why? Because a single cannabis plant needs approximately 150-250 gallons of water to reach flowering state. We grow our plants in living soil and hand water and hand trim our flower. No energy is used from the California energy grid, electricity is generated on site with microturbines. Pure Beauty is women and minority owned and we donate a portion of our proceeds to fund programming for currently and post incarcerated populations. LEARN MORE HERE
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