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Mary's medicinals - TRANSDERMAL PATCH FORMULA 3:2:1
0.92 grams
THC: 30.0mg
Experience the power of the Ensemble Effect to harmonize your Endocannabinoid System with Mary’s new FORMULA patch. This hand-selected cannabinoid and terpene ratio takes advantage of the accurate and discrete delivery method of our award-winning transdermal patch. Adhere to a venous area of the skin for maximum wellness benefits lasting 8-12 hours. Crafted by our team of scientists out of a deep appreciation for the cannabis plant and its effect on our bodies, FORMULA blends together hand selected cannabinoids and terpenes to unlock a greater range of wellness benefits.
3:2:1 (15mg THC:10mg CBD:5mg CBN) Onset: 15 – 30 minutes Duration: 8 – 12 hours Dosage: 1 – 4
Research shows that transdermal delivery is the most effective method of delivering cannabis to the body, as it directly enters the bloodstream. When cannabis is smoked or eaten, patients may lose up to 70 percent of it to air vaporization, metabolism and stomach acid, which is inefficient and makes accurate dosing difficult. Mary’s transdermal products are so effective that the dosing of a standard 10mg patch may be equivalent to that of an 80mg edible.
With optimized bioavailability, Mary’s products offer a reliable, consistent dosage. Like all medicines, an individual’s dosage is based on many factors, such as age, body composition and diagnosis. One patch constitutes a typical dose for most patients, although some prefer to cut a patch into halves or even quarters, while others may use more than one patch to attain relief.
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