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Eden - PB & J
PB & J
3.5 grams
THC: 35.04%
Lineage: LA Confidential and Peanut Butter Kush
PBJ is a delicious and satisfying hybrid strain that pays homage to the all-time favorite combination of peanut butter and jelly. It has a delicious flavor and well-rounded effects. PBJ has a rich nutty aroma. The scent is reminiscent of freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with overtones of sweet and nutty peanuts combined with hints of fruity berry jam. Similarly, its flavor is described as a mouthwatering blend of nutty and sweet, with a prominent peanut butter essence followed by highlights of fruity jelly. It is both creamy and sugary.
PBJ has been said to offer a balanced high that combines both stimulating and relaxing effects. Many note feeling a boost in focused energy that is like an energy shot for the brain. They notice an enhanced mood and insightful thoughts, while also experiencing a calm state in the body. The effects felt by PBJ are described as mellow and gentle as the none of the qualities are overwhelming.
Cannabis is unlike any other plant in the world, it takes decades of experience to understand and master its many variables in order to be able to separate the really good, from the best. Our team of veteran cannabis industry professionals is out in the field every single day spending time with our partners, checking out new growers, vetting their operations, and most importantly, finding and procuring the hottest flower available in Northern California. The checklist for a strain to make the cut for EDEN is deep and includes high potencies, fragrant and vibrant smells, absolute freshness, ideal grow environments, proper moisture content, precision trimming, etc. Ask us at any point in time what our current favorite flower is and it’s guaranteed to be an EDEN Top Shelf strain. Welcome to the Top Shelf Club.
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