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California love - PEANUT BUTTER BREATH 14PK
14.0 grams
THC: 25.3%
MORE LOVE! Spread the love everywhere you go with 14, 1-gram California Cruiser prerolled joints by California Love. California Cruisers are the perfect way to load up for a weekend with friends or keep the personal stash supplied all week long. Featuring 14, 1 gram pre rolls, California Cruisers represent one of the best values on the market. Input material is 100% flower based and contains zero leaf material or trim to ensure a smooth burn throughout each and every Cruiser.
We are a group of like-minded friends, family, and legacy lovers of cannabis, hailing from all parts of the Golden State, brought together by a common purpose. Though we remember the old days fondly, we look forward to shaping the industry's future with authenticity and passion. We share a commitment to demonstrating that the world's highest quality cannabis can be grown affordably, ethically, and responsibly, with acknowledgment and respect for the land that nourishes it, the sun that feeds it, the people that cultivate it, and the pioneers that came before us.
California Love is our love letter to this state's beauty and bounty.
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