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Jade nectars - RAW THCA
THC: 655.89mg
CBD: 2.25mg
Our Raw THCa is a truly unique formula that harnesses the wellness benefits of THCa without the psychoactive effects. We soak our whole cannabis flowers in California olive oil . The result is a very clean and fresh infusion with all of the terpenes and plant compounds preserved.
Reported Benefits
Pain relief, anti-inflammatory, uplifting, relaxing
Sun grown cannabis from the Santa Cruz Mountains in california olive oil sourced from small olive groves in Carmel Valley and Paso Robles, CA. Jade Nectar started as medical cannabis collective a number of years ago in Santa Cruz, California. We focused primarily on the health benefits of consuming raw cannabis juice. Due to the extremely positive feedback and testimonials about our cannabis juice puree, Jade Nectar began to research other methods for preserving the whole plant properties of cannabis, while delivering those benefits in convenient and easy-to-consume formulas. We finally settled on a full line of whole plant olive oil infusions. By whole plant, we mean that we literally add whole cannabis flowers into California olive oil (Our olive oil is sourced from small olive groves in Carmel Valley and Paso Robles, CA). The final result is a full spectrum cannabis olive oil infusion that preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, and all of the other beneficial cannabis plant compounds - plus the health benefits of quality olive oil. By keeping it simple, we are able to provide formulas that remain true to the original expression of the cannabis plant, and thus highly effective for those who consume them.
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