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Sativa Dominant
1.0 grams
Hazelnut Cream is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Miami Haze with Cookies and Cream. In small doses, this strain produces mood-boosting effects that are happy, energetic and long-lasting. In larger doses, you may find yourself locked to the sofa. Hazelnut Cream is beloved for its rich flavor profile, featuring earthy and creamy aromas backed up by sweet sugary flavors.
Artisanal solventless hash crafted from single source, organically fed, living soil cannabis from their own estate cultivation, Verde Natural, in Humboldt County . Enjoy true Hashish without solvents or fillers!
So what exactly is the DabLogic difference? Enjoy true hashish without solvents or fillers!
We extract our hashish through ice water to separate the trichomes from the plant matter. Heat is introduced to the trichomes to create a consistent solvent. Pressure is then applied to the solution to create a variety of consistencies and products.
All of our products start with the best Verde Natural flower grown from living soil. From there, our mechanical (NOT CHEMICAL) process uses water, heat, and pressure to create all of our hashish products.
The Live Hash Rosin Badder always starts with Verde Natural fresh, frozen flower that is hand-selected, ensuring the bud is in optimal condition to retain as much of the terpene and cannabinoid profile as possible. It is delicately heated at unmatched low temps, pressed and refined. We only bring 1st press (the most premium hash) to the market and they come in a variety of consistencies that accommodate all dabbing preferences.
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